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Alright so I really need to talk about this scene. Now I’m going to point out the obvious and say that when Killian asked if she cared about anyone in the town, he was referring to himself, and that Emma knew that he was, or at least, I personally believe that she did.

Because her ‘of course I care’ wasn’t defensive. It wasn’t angry or contemptuous or anything of the sort. That reply was one thing, and one thing only: reassuring.

Because for a split second, because of how eagerly Emma wanted to leave Storybrooke, and by extension, him, Killian believed that she didn’t care about him, not in a romantic way, not in a platonic way, zilch. He was at the point where he thought that she felt nothing for him.

But then Emma takes one look at his face, sees that things just turned personal, sees the doubt there and reassures him, she tells him that she does care about him, obviously not in so many words and not in specifics, but her tone said everything that she wasn’t.

And then we have Killian’s face after she says ‘of course I care’. He literally looks like he’s holding back tears, I mean he even swallows a lump in his throat. That’s how much Emma leaving him is destroying and despite how sad this is, it’s a truly beautiful and under appreciated scene in the finale, because Killian has reassured Emma countless times since he met her. Every time she was vulnerable he was there, building her back up again. But this is the first time we see that the roles are reversed.

I think what people forget is that Killian has walls almost as high as Emma. It’s so rare that he needs to be comforted by other characters or seeks emotional assistance. But here, Killian is the vulnerable one, the one who needed reassuring and Emma was able to provide it. He looks into her eyes after she replies with her reassurance and  he drops her gaze because it just struck him how he’d let his own walls down and that caused a different type of intensity between Emma and Killian that we haven’t seen before.

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