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Tomorrow TODAY is the SECOND day of “Well done, Adam! Wednesday”  If you wish to be part of the project, please read on!

Since Adam tends to get a lot of hate from anti-hook/anti-cs (and now anti-oq) people on twitter, I decided it was time to shower him with love instead! Drown out the haters!

If you have a twitter, please send Adam a message of thanks, compliments, compliment the show, compliment how they write, compliment captain swan, hook, whatever you want! Just shower him with love tomorrow and tag it with “#welldoneadam”.  We will do this every Wednesday!  

Since this is only the second one, we wont get specific about our message, but perhaps in the future we can all send something similar based on whatever the subject is for that week. (like next week, if we get a CS kiss this Sunday we could talk about that!)  Maybe at a certain time so we can try to trend it!

He deserves love, not hate, and it’s time we Hook and Captain Swan fans fight back against the hate and show Adam we are there for him! :)

So don’t forget! Send Adam love and tag it with “#welldoneadam” (as well as #onceuponatime) tomorrow and let’s start a new trend! He deserves it!

Find his twitter here learn more here!

Reblog and spread the word if you are gonna participate! The more the merrier!

Also, dear haters: Please stay off of this tag. I don’t care if you post your “constructive criticism” but there is no need to invade this tag with them.  This tag is strictly for compliments only. Thank you

UPDATE! - - Don’t forget guys, this is TODAY! :) So send your messages to him and remember to tag them! Last week went great, let’s make this week even better! Spread the word if you are gonna participate please! :) - -

  • Adam:

    alright, we need to kill the cs fandom. How do we do it?

  • Eddy:

    I have an idea. What if we make Emma and Hook kiss in 'Good Form', because they never even touch so this will surely overload the cs fandom with cs feels.

  • *a few months later*

  • Adam:

    they're still alive. How are they still alive?

  • Eddy:

    we need a plan B.

  • Adam:

    are you thinking what I'm thinking?

  • Eddy:

    I think so.

  • Adam and Eddy:

    True Love's Kiss.

  • Adam:

    let's see them survive that one.

When Adam said that Captain Swan wouldn’t be smooth sailing I didn’t think he meant:

  • Peter Pan sabotaging them
  • A curse that put them in two separate realms
  • Emma not remembering Killian at alll
  • Killian backsliding because he was lost without Emma
  • The Wicked Witch of the West CURSING KILLIAN’S LIPS.
  • Killian being mopey and distant because of said curse
  • A flying monkey as an almost-fiance
  • Henry getting kidnapped when in Killian’s care by said flying monkey.